Nathalie Fordeyn

Nathalie Fordeyn sunglasses bring together the best of design and product quality. The brand aims to consistently provide only the finest products for clients who enjoy the creativity and ideas behind each crafted piece without putting functionality and comfort second. The sunglasses line comprises a large range of styles and colours, for as we know – de gustibus non estdisputantum- in matters of taste, there can be no disputes.

Nathalie Fordeyn women’s sunglasses are designed for a range of uses.Whether it be a day on the beach, or an evening event, our designer sunglasses will make heads turn.We source high quality materials from sustainable sources and integrate unique signature stylings to make each model bespoke.The use of gold colour and the stand out logo will ensure your Nathalie Fordeyn designer women’s sunglasses provide quintessentially timeless style and sophistication.